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Week 33 – Series of large rectangular practice pieces before final submission!

As my deadline approaches, I realised I had not created any larger abstract alcohol ink pieces to fit with what I intended my final paintings to resemble. I needed to test this out to see how the 3 pieces would… Continue Reading →

Week 31-32 Creating rust and texture

Leading up to my deadline, exploring different ways of enhancing the work I have been producing was important and I knew I wanted to create a tactility and texture within my work but wasn’t sure how to achieve this. The… Continue Reading →

Week 29-30 Earth tones and experimental backgrounds

After my tutorial last week, I created the specific oval board shapes in the wood workshop as well as ordering around 10 rectangular MDF boards too. This was so I could create a series of experiments using the 4 new… Continue Reading →

Week 26-28 Testing out lines, shapes and canvases!

After deciding that masking fluid was the best option for creating the restriction I was after, these few weeks were more about experimenting with how I can manipulate this medium and testing out new shapes and forms. I am still… Continue Reading →

Week 24-25 Creating restriction/control with masking fluid

Continuing from my new use of Alcohol Ink, I began experimenting with using different shapes and perspectives in order for the pieces to be more engaging. Linking in my circle canvases from right at the beginning of my project, I… Continue Reading →

Week 22-23 Alcohol Ink Art

I wanted to develop my work further by experimenting with a different medium to see whether the result created would be something I could be interesting in pursuing. For a few years, I had been interested in trying out Alcohol… Continue Reading →

Conversations with Tomasz Schafernaker! Art and Meteorology

In the 18th/19th century, the Romanticism and Rococo movement influenced artists such as J.M.W Turner to use meteorology as a way of depicting weather, clouds and skies much more accurately than before. In one of my CPS lessons, meteorology was… Continue Reading →

Critical Review – 15/03/21

Receiving my Crit review is an important part of the journey of my project, the feedback (both positive and negative!) can help so much in developing my work and the next steps I could take. I had my Crit on… Continue Reading →

Securing a Fine Art Placement year!

Since beginning my University degree, I had always been interested in completing a placement year. The idea of working in the industry for 12 months, gaining valuable knowledge and skills useful for the workplace sounded like an amazing opportunity that… Continue Reading →

The Art History evolution of depicting weather, clouds and skies!

Throughout art history movements, the way artists have depicted the landscape, weather and nature has evolved. I want to examine this and understand the changes that occurred and why this may be – linking it to what type of movement… Continue Reading →

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