Damian Lechoszest – Shadows and light, how colour and tones change with sunlight.
Damian Lechoszest – Process of layering, painting on warm background to bring out the warmth through her skin.
Damian Lechoszest – Harsh contrasts, objects creating shadows.
Damian Lechoszest – Difference in hues, using light to change appearances.
Safeyah Aljibouri – PROCESS of dark to light to create warmth and atmosphere.
Safeyah Aljibouri – Gradually adding warmer skin tones to create depth.
Safeyah Aljibouri – Starting with darker areas to create mood lighting and a sense of place.
Safeyah Aljibouri – Finally adding in the lightest areas, usually bright whites and yellows to set the contrast off.
Pieter Bruegel – Summertime painting, warm hues, bright colours and a happier feel.
Pieter Bruegel – Wintertime, cold and dark, dull tones with earthy tones.
Pieter Bruegel – Creates a sense of chill, a completely different atmosphere to the Summertime painting.
Karen Whitworth – Notice the bright white on the tip of the flower to the left. Creating a point of light for other shadows to follow.
Karen Whitworth – Purple and Yellow are the two main colours used here, opposite in colour theory so creates a contrast.
Karen Whitworth – Using backlighting allows for the hair to almost ‘glow’ and some shadows to have real contrast in the foreground.