For this week, we focused on 20 min quick miniature paintings to help us explore techniques and methods to improve our project. I chose an image which I felt linked to my key idea; light and how it affects the face (as well as process). I also chose the image because of the harsh contrast between the purple and yellow hues, opposite colour theory, which I felt helped develop how I physically put paint down. The first 20-minute painting, I felt, was the most successful, as it proved to me I don’t need to spend hours on a piece for it to be completed. I want to bring this into my practice by creating series of small MDF board paintings to experiment with colours, textures and contrast. In addition, in the smallest board I painted, the use of a palette knife across the sky gave a real atmosphere which I also want to bring in to further my project and focus on the painting element. We also experimented with collage to see how we experimented with other images and materials, this helped me respond to the pieces in a different way than usual. In my overall project, I want to approach light in a non-figurative way whilst still painting figures, so using this collaging technique it helped me to pick out colours instead of the figure.