In order to gain some more professional development information about Fine Art Conservation, I have emailed a total of 10 separate companies over the course of the 13th Oct-14th Nov 2020 to which only 1 has replied. This has been slightly disappointing, but I will continue trying to gain more information as the year goes on.

The one reply I did receive was from Tim Everett of Everett Fine Art based in Somerset. I asked him specifically about placements and work experience to which he replied that, although they weren’t taking any currently, he may think about it in the future. I also generally asked him about his experience in the art restoration world and what his thoughts or tips were. Tim was really helpful and mentioned a couple of places around the UK that do conservation courses.

Firstly I researched into Gateshead University although I could not find any obvious courses for Conservation of any kind. However, I investigated the Courtauld in London and they had a few different specialty postgrad options.

  • MA Conservation of Wall Painting (which required a science degree)
  • MA Buddhist Art: History and Conservation
  • Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Easel Paintings (Fine Art degree)

For me, the Conservation of Easel Paintings seem to be the best fit and after looking into the terms and structure of the course, find it really interesting. When on their website, I noticed on the 18th November on their Instagram account they are holding an ‘AskAConservator’ day whereby anyone can join and ask any burning questions about Fine Art Conservation! This ranges through all 3 conservation courses so I’ll definitely be taking part in that and will write more about it.

Also in Tim’s email, he mentioned that his God-daughter Olivia has recently finished a course there and if I would like to get in touch with her. I have replied and said yes so hopefully I will be able to gain more first-hand knowledge from a recent student.

In addition, Tim also included a link to ‘BAPCR – The British Association of Paintings Conservator-Restorers’. On their website, they state that the BAPCR ‘promotes and fosters the practice of paintings conservation in the UK and around the world’. They equally have created a place where all painting conservator-restorers can meet and share their knowledge whilst sharing each other’s work too. There is so much on the website that I will look further into but overall a super helpful page.