On Wednesday 18th November, I participated in the Courtauld ‘AskAConservator’ on their Instagram page and submitted 5 different questions for their head Conservators to answer. Out of this 5, 2 were answered and replied to by Professor Aviva Burnstock in the Conservation Department (a painting conservator). I have attached the two video responses below.

The first question I submitted was ‘What advice would you give to young people looking to get into this profession? In summary, Prof Burnstock stated that visiting conservation studios is key, as well as doing research into the specific area of conservation you are interested in e.g. wall art, easel painting, paper etc. In addition, she also mentioned to think about your life as a conservator, how you would make your living and give you a grounding. Prof Burnstock noted that this would help convince places you apply to that you are serious about that specific area of Conservation.

The second question answered was ‘I have limited qualifications in science but love Conservation! What extra courses are there?’ For me, this is a factor that I think about a lot as unfortunately I don’t have many science-based qualifications so for this question to be answered is great. Prof Burnstock replied, that as long as you have good grades at GCSE level science. The course also provides basic science to applied science which is taught as part of the easel painting conservation. She makes it very clear that if you are willing to learn that’s all that matters!

Overall, I’m really happy with the response and that even 2 of my questions were answered as it gives me much more clarity and interest around thus subject. I will also take on what Prof Burnstock has said and try to research more in conservation studios (when we can again) in order to gain first-hand knowledge. The two videos are below and talk more about my questions answered: