After producing the collages last week, I then wanted to see how these would look painted. I used a couple of very tiny MDF pieces of board with acrylic to produce these. They took around 10 minutes each as I wanted to focus on the composition rather than the accuracy. It gave me a better idea about how these might look if painted larger, as well as what my collages helped me produce.

From here, I decided to use the idea of those collages to try and produce some emulsion prints. I have done emulsion prints in the past, however, never with collage so it was slightly confusing but in the end I got the hang of it and produced a series of work that intrigued me. I wasn’t sure how they were going to look but, by accident, it helped me develop my work even further. 

From these emulsion prints, I began to think about composition and colour together. The bottom emulsion prints, for me, were too colourful and I felt didn’t give me the haunting quality I wanted to achieve. However, the top two prints express the kind of uneasiness I was hoping. Although they aren’t exactly how I imagined, it still gave me a lot of food for thought when thinking about my next steps.