Access Artsteps Exhibition: Here

Using the online exhibition tool ‘Artsteps’, Ana Sehota, Holly Miles and I created a combined gallery exhibition of the work we have created so far during this project. It is a mixture of both of our works into one space with different rooms to house the different aspects within our work. The first one holds 3 of my paintings, the second room holds Holly and Anas’ paintings and the third is a larger elongated room holding a mixture of all of our work (more experimental pieces).

When you enter the space, my 3 circular weather based large oil paintings hang on 3 separate walls facing each other. Each has descriptions about the paintings with its title above giving an insight into the mediums used and the meaning behind them.

‘The Wanderer I’ by Georgie Russell

For my first piece the text reads: ‘The Wanderer I’ is completed using Oil and Acrylic base, it explores the poem by an Anonymous poet of Anglo-Saxon England. Focusing on the force that nature and the weather hold combined with the power of Feminism is what creates the energy that drives this piece.

‘The Wanderer II’ by Georgie Russell

For my second piece the text reads: ‘The Wanderer II’ is completed using Oil and an Acrylic base exploring the use of colour and how it can affect atmosphere. The use of an Earth green as the base layer forms a dark and turbulent force, changing the overall impression. Using undertones brought the lighter colours out of the background and into view.

‘The Darkness’ by Georgie Russell

For my third piece the text reads: ‘The Darkness’ is an experimental Oil painting using a red Acrylic base. Similarly inspired by a poem written by Lord Byron, this piece explores how weather can have a metaphorical and literal affect as a painting. Left out in the wind and the rain overnight allowed this piece to become battered and bruised revealing the vibrant red beneath. It is the combination and harmonious mixture of the beauty weather has and the destruction it can cause.

I wanted to put my most accomplished pieces so far into the first room as it sets the scene for what my experiments may be in the third room. I positioned these large and dominating on the walls as this is the size I would like to create my work as, however, I tried researching as to how to get the circles by themselves on the wall without having the white background but couldn’t. I had removed the background and tried many different formats yet still nothing worked so, ideally, they would just be circular canvases on each wall.

The second room consists of Ana’s and Holly’s most accomplished work too which has a similar look and atmosphere as mine so as a whole the exhibition stays consistent throughout. Into the third room, which is made up of both mine, Ana’s and Holly’s more experimental piece which maybe led up to or helped produce our more accomplished pieces.

Room 3 – Combined Room

We have included 5 of our work each expressing the steps or following on from on larger pieces in rooms 1 and 2. My five include two ink pieces that were created using the wind and rain to produce a couple of more abstract pieces focusing on chance and control that is strongly emulated through my third piece in my first room called ‘The Darkness’. The next piece along is a permanent marker piece using the wind as a tool to create hundreds of random lines and marks that overlap to create patterns. This is one of my more successful pieces in terms of technique as it showed me the possibility in using the wind as a method of creating. The fourth image is a more recent painting I have done exploring colour and weather (specifically clouds), focusing on depth and more literally how the weather makes me feel. The final piece is using another poem to visualise, these are more paired down colours but are emulated in the piece beforehand. All are untitled but show a journey through my work so far in this project.

Looking through the exhibition

This final images are ones that looks through the gallery to see both mine, Ana’s and Holly’s work up on the walls and through the separate rooms. The third and final room shows a consistency between both our work as artists as they tend to be more abstract than the more accomplished pieces in room 1 and 2. Overall, learning how to create a gallery on ArtSteps as well as working with two other artists has been so insightful and interesting to learn.