Continuing from my new use of Alcohol Ink, I began experimenting with using different shapes and perspectives in order for the pieces to be more engaging. Linking in my circle canvases from right at the beginning of my project, I created some smaller MDF boards which are now the ‘canvas’ of choice for creating my work. I did use some rectangular ones as well to play around with how different orientations could affect the alcohol ink.

Before Easter, I talked to one of my lecturers about playing with the idea of power and control within men and women. I wanted to involve a controlling element, whether that be a shape or a stencil to resemble this, however, wasn’t sure how this could be achieved so tested out multiple options. My initial thought was masking tape, although I already had an inclination that this mixed with the alcohol may just dissolve the tape however I tried anyway! After failing multiple times, I thought about testing masking fluid. I have used this in the past but, again, wasn’t sure whether the alcohol was too strong it would ruin it. First time the masking fluid worked so I began using this as the medium for my restriction. I have attached a video of how the masking fluid worked below:

My concept behind using a restriction is to allow the ‘randomness and uncontrollability’ to only happen in a specific area. This is to somewhat symbolise a controlling relationship whereby a person is ‘free’ but not really free. I am still continuing to use weather as the uncontrollable medium however combining this with a ‘manmade’ restriction pushes the narrative further.

I also briefly began experimenting with different shapes to resemble this control and will continue to do so over the following weeks. Using lines, squares and circles to see how this would change the finished outcome was something I had thought carefully about. In image 1, the circle blends in more with the curved/soft aspect which I don’t feel portrays the angle I am trying to project. However, the sharp lines in image 2 and 3, I feel, are more successful as they juxtapose the fluidity of alcohol ink. Attached below are some of the different experiments I tried:

I would still like to experiment with expanding onto gallery walls or onto separate canvases, possibly creating multiple canvases next to one another following a narrative. This will be something I will continue thinking about over the next few weeks into my project.