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Conversations with Tomasz Schafernaker! Art and Meteorology

In the 18th/19th century, the Romanticism and Rococo movement influenced artists such as J.M.W Turner to use meteorology as a way of depicting weather, clouds and skies much more accurately than before. In one of my CPS lessons, meteorology was… Continue Reading →

The Art History evolution of depicting weather, clouds and skies!

Throughout art history movements, the way artists have depicted the landscape, weather and nature has evolved. I want to examine this and understand the changes that occurred and why this may be – linking it to what type of movement… Continue Reading →

Conceptual exploration of ideas – randomness, chance and control

I began this project knowing I wanted to focus on how I felt as a woman living in the 21st century. I also knew how the weather and nature play such a huge role in how my emotions are formed,… Continue Reading →

‘MCR Sew Social’ Exhibition!

On Monday the 8th March 2021, I partook in an online exhibition for International women’s day hosted by ‘MCR Sew Social’.  It was MCR Sew Social’s first online exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day and it was also my first… Continue Reading →

Artist Research – Ian McKeever

Ian Mckeever is a contemporary British artist who specialises in abstract landscapes, human form and additions of the photographic element. He began working as an artist in 1968 and had his first solo exhibition in 1970, followed by his first… Continue Reading →

Artist Talk – Juno Calypso

Juno Calypso is a London based artist working with photography, film and installation and focuses on ‘‘studying solitude, desire and femininity through a dark comedy lens’’. (1) Some of her most recent awards include FOAM talent winner in 2016 and… Continue Reading →

Literature and Poetry – Inspired by the unusual weather

Most of the great paintings were centralised around great literature and poetry. I see a stormy sky depicted through words and visualise it, there’s a story and meaning behind each brush mark and placement expanding our thoughts into emotions we… Continue Reading →

Virginia Katz Artist Research

The ecofeminist artist Virginia Katz is primarily a contemporary painter, but also works in sculpture and photography with her approach for creating art conceptually driven and processed-based. She is a California based artist who received her MFA at California State… Continue Reading →

J.M.W. Turner Artist Research

J.M.W Turner was an English Romantic painter, printmaker and watercolourist who, unbeknownst to him, brought about some of the first abstract expressionism paintings. He studied at the Royal Academy of Arts from 1789 and exhibited there from 1790, beginning with… Continue Reading →

The Ecofeminist art movement.

For my Art History Essay I discussed Linda Nochlins ‘Why have there been no great women artists?’ and Lucy. R. Lippards ‘Sweeping Exchanges: The contribution of Feminism to the Art of the 1970’s’ in relation to Judy Chicagos ‘The Dinner… Continue Reading →

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