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Final ‘Erebus’ canvas experimentation – focusing on perspective and abstraction

For the last canvas of 2020 in my ‘Erebus’ series, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and focus on the improvements I had made to my last canvas. I especially focused on composition and perspective as… Continue Reading →

New ‘Erebus’ canvas – applying texture and using different techniques

For the next canvas in my ‘Erebus’ series, I knew I wanted to play around with colour and perspective. I still included my own skin tone as the foreground however wanted the background to almost wrap itself the limbs. What… Continue Reading →

Sketches and developing a new canvas! ‘Erebus’ series

For my next painting, I wanted to use all the advice from my crit to really start developing my work. I knew I wanted to use more hands and feet than usual into one painting but have them at different… Continue Reading →

Painting Crit – 25.11.20

From having my crit on Wednesday, I gained lots of information, opinions and ideas from my fellow students as well as my lecturer. The overall ideas created from my project so far were very mixed! Some ideas included that it… Continue Reading →

Tiny MDF paintings and experimental emulsion prints

After producing the collages last week, I then wanted to see how these would look painted. I used a couple of very tiny MDF pieces of board with acrylic to produce these. They took around 10 minutes each as I… Continue Reading →

Expanding on photoshopped images, colours and sketchbook collaging

Out of curiosity, I started to play around on photoshop with how different colours would look on the different poses I had created. I also noted how they then changed the actual feel of the pieces, projecting different emotions between… Continue Reading →

Creating paintings and setting up studio space

After deciding which images I was going to use as a starting point, I began creating my first developmental piece. I produced a smaller A4 board as well as a larger circle canvas and these were great for getting to… Continue Reading →

Photoshoot and creating images for referencing!

I knew I wanted to focus on the figure and how light and dark can portray it differently, so I took a photoshoot using myself as the subject. I collected many different angles and poses that I thought may be… Continue Reading →

Sketchbook Pages and Experiments

I began experimenting in my sketchbook with how light is represented and changes with shadows. That most shadows are not grey or dull but can be colourful too. These were some 15 minute paintings I created to understand more about… Continue Reading →

Mini quick paintings – Workshop

For this week, we focused on 20 min quick miniature paintings to help us explore techniques and methods to improve our project. I chose an image which I felt linked to my key idea; light and how it affects the… Continue Reading →

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