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Category Term Two Painting Practice

Week 29-30 Earth tones and experimental backgrounds

After my tutorial last week, I created the specific oval board shapes in the wood workshop as well as ordering around 10 rectangular MDF boards too. This was so I could create a series of experiments using the 4 new… Continue Reading →

Week 26-28 Testing out lines, shapes and canvases!

After deciding that masking fluid was the best option for creating the restriction I was after, these few weeks were more about experimenting with how I can manipulate this medium and testing out new shapes and forms. I am still… Continue Reading →

Week 24-25 Creating restriction/control with masking fluid

Continuing from my new use of Alcohol Ink, I began experimenting with using different shapes and perspectives in order for the pieces to be more engaging. Linking in my circle canvases from right at the beginning of my project, I… Continue Reading →

Week 22-23 Alcohol Ink Art

I wanted to develop my work further by experimenting with a different medium to see whether the result created would be something I could be interesting in pursuing. For a few years, I had been interested in trying out Alcohol… Continue Reading →

Critical Review – 15/03/21

Receiving my Crit review is an important part of the journey of my project, the feedback (both positive and negative!) can help so much in developing my work and the next steps I could take. I had my Crit on… Continue Reading →

Conceptual exploration of ideas – randomness, chance and control

I began this project knowing I wanted to focus on how I felt as a woman living in the 21st century. I also knew how the weather and nature play such a huge role in how my emotions are formed,… Continue Reading →

Critical Review Images –

Week 21 – Photography in the woods and focusing on the wind

This week, after my tutorial with Ed and Gino, using a different inspiration point was a key interest to me. As at home I live in a rural place, I wanted to see how the place around me, my location,… Continue Reading →

Artist Research – Ian Keever

Ian Mckeever is a contemporary British artist who specialises in abstract landscapes, human form and additions of the photographic element. He began working as an artist in 1968 and had his first solo exhibition in 1970, followed by his first… Continue Reading →

Week 20 – Wind, rain and leaving things to chance!

This week I wanted to focus on experimenting with chance and having little control with how the weather can assist my work. Using the inspiration from Virginia Katz and her series ‘Wind’ 2000-2008, I used and manipulated both wind and… Continue Reading →

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