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Literature and Poetry – Inspired by the unusual weather

Most of the great paintings were centralised around great literature and poetry. I see a stormy sky depicted through words and visualise it, there’s a story and meaning behind each brush mark and placement expanding our thoughts into emotions we… Continue Reading →

Week 18 – Large abstract pieces and base canvas colour testing

I began week 18 with a clearer understanding of how I wanted to develop my project, after mind mapping and creating multiple drawings and collages in my sketchbook I knew that the next step was to experiment all I could… Continue Reading →

Virginia Katz Artist Research

The ecofeminist artist Virginia Katz is primarily a contemporary painter, but also works in sculpture and photography with her approach for creating art conceptually driven and processed-based. She is a California based artist who received her MFA at California State… Continue Reading →

Week 17 – Experimenting in sketchbook

For the tutorial week session, I discussed ideas around how I could progress my work further from last term with Mr. Gino Attwood. Coming out of the session, I began thinking of how I could create real meaning behind my… Continue Reading →

J.M.W. Turner Artist Research

J.M.W Turner was an English Romantic painter, printmaker and watercolourist who, unbeknownst to him, brought about some of the first abstract expressionism paintings. He studied at the Royal Academy of Arts from 1789 and exhibited there from 1790, beginning with… Continue Reading →

The Ecofeminist art movement.

For my Art History Essay I discussed Linda Nochlins ‘Why have there been no great women artists?’ and Lucy. R. Lippards ‘Sweeping Exchanges: The contribution of Feminism to the Art of the 1970’s’ in relation to Judy Chicagos ‘The Dinner… Continue Reading →

Final ‘Erebus’ canvas experimentation – focusing on perspective and abstraction

For the last canvas of 2020 in my ‘Erebus’ series, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and focus on the improvements I had made to my last canvas. I especially focused on composition and perspective as… Continue Reading →

New ‘Erebus’ canvas – applying texture and using different techniques

For the next canvas in my ‘Erebus’ series, I knew I wanted to play around with colour and perspective. I still included my own skin tone as the foreground however wanted the background to almost wrap itself the limbs. What… Continue Reading →

Reply from Fine Art Restorer – James Bloomfield

Between October-November 2020, I emailed around 10 different Fine Art Conservation/Restoration companies across the UK but sadly only 1 had replied.  On the 2nd December however, I received an email from James Bloomfield from Bloomfield Art Fine Art Restoration. As… Continue Reading →

Sketches and developing a new canvas! ‘Erebus’ series

For my next painting, I wanted to use all the advice from my crit to really start developing my work. I knew I wanted to use more hands and feet than usual into one painting but have them at different… Continue Reading →

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